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Break your habits and make better brand plans!

At our Matrifen® brand meeting in May 2008 in Lisbon Torben Wiese from Habitmanager® was invited to lead an inspirational workshop for our product managers world wide on how to break habits and make better brand plans.

The objective of the meeting was to roll out the global brand plan to our national product managers and thanks to Torben the meeting was a great success. From the very beginning of Torben’s presentation he was able to catch the audience’s full attention by his very enthusiastic and lively talk. We were all inspired to set goals for our private as well as work life and were given tools on how to stay focused on what is important and urgent and in this way reach our set goals.

Torben’s presentation had immediate effect and during the following sessions our colleagues already started changing their habits by presenting their workshop results in a new and creative way.

The feedback after the meeting has been very positive and many colleagues have started changing the way and process they previously have done their brand plans.

Thanks for giving our team a great experience and your contribution making this brand meeting very special!

Lenette Qvist Brandt Int. Product Manager, Nycomed

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Torben Wiese
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