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Torben Wiese

Habitmanager®, author, facilitator and power speaker

Torben Wiese is a very powerful speaker on the importance of change,why it’s difficult – and how you do it. Why does the brain love habits, which types of habits are there and how do you make every employee think as a leader, break their habits and reach higher goals? His two bestselling books “Break Your Habits and Reach your Goals” and “Bend the fish while it is fresh” shows why it’s not longer enough to be ready to change – to day everybody also has to create the change. Torben has more than 30 years experience on change, sales, leadership and management and has during workshops, educations and power speaks reached and motivated more than 200.000 people. In Denmark Torben was elected the second most motivating speaker and his style is energetic, provocative, funny and activating. A level of powerspeeches that you and your guest’s have never experienced before.

“If your horse is dead, get off” Indian proverb


“If we all just had that enthusiasm…. 6 out of 5. Brilliant! Though I’ve already seen a ton of motivational speeches, Torben Wiese was entertaining to watch while also making good points. A welcome addition to any conference”
– Bestseller


“We had the best experience with Torben Wiese – my highest recommendations to invite Torben for a session”
– Harman International


“Torben Wiese engaged, got the laughs and really had a unique touch with his audience”
– Lexmark

In detail

Since Torben left business school he has been working within sales, service and motivating both customers and employees. He knows how the both private and public company and organization thinks and works, and are highly able to put his finger where the challenge is – and help you solve it. For 13 years he was sales director, senior partner and co-owners in one of the biggest Scandinavian consulting companies and since 12 years ago he became founder and owner of Habitmanager®. Every year he presents a winner of the Habitmanager prize® which is given to a person or a company who has reached extraordinary results through breaking habits. Till now the winner of the prize has been: Danish menhandball chief trainer Ulrik Wilbek, LEGO Company, EU Commissionaire Connie Hedegaard, Restaurant Noma (World best restaurant 2010 and 2011), Worlds best tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and the Danish Leader of the year Headmaster Lise Egholm and in 2013 Tivoli.



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Break the habit and reach your goals
If your horse is dead then get off
Bend the fish while it's fresh
Break the habit and show some teeth
Well-being, job satisfaction and habits
Give values a habit check
Habits and fusions
Habits eats strategies for breakfast
Habits, LEAN and Six Sigma
Habits and health
Habits, stress and job satisfaction
Break the habit and increase your sale
Effective working with valuable habits
Habits and body language
Knowledge makes friendship
I want to talk to your boss, please!
Change proficience 3.0?

Combination - Elaborate in message


Torben Wiese for Skolelederforeningen

Torben Wiese engelsk side

What he offers you

Torben Wiese has been both a facilitator and speaker for more than 20 years and is known as one of the most experienced and well-prepared speakers. Several times a year he even arrange “Next Level seminar” for other speakers who wants to take their message, performance and business to the next level. He always take he’s starting point in your meeting, situation and wishes, and at the same time speaks to both the employee as well as the private person which gives a fantastic energy, passion and dedication and makes everybody want to break habits and bend fish (be present, think as leaders and use the present moment valuable) to reach higher goals.


How he presents

Torben’s infectious charm, smile and energy will meet your audience within seconds. Not leaving, but expanding, your comfort zone in a very motivating way, you will be roused into action by spot on examples form both work and private life examples tailored to meet exactly your wishes and needs. He also delivers educations and tools to use afterwards, and even a PC “Habit Workshop-box” with movies, talks, tools and exercises to be used in the company afterwards to gain skills and secure action and return on your investment.


He presents in English and Danish.



  • Break your habits and reach your goal – Why and how focus on change?
  • If your horse is dead, get off – If what you do doesn’t work – do something else
  • Bend the fish while it’s fresh – Be present, think as a leader, use the now valuable – and reach higher goals
  • Habits, happiness and work satisfaction – Happiness and job satisfaction is your competitive parameter no.1
  • Merges, cooperation and habits – To mate two dinosaurs don’t necessarily bring out a gazelle
  • Habits, lean and Six Sigma – it’s new habits that creates the new routines
  • Sales and habits – break your own and the customers habits and reach your budget



Logo_300x300-MANHighly recommended!!
“It was absolutely great to “break the habits” together with our customers and Torben. Torben and his enthusiastic engaged speech create thoughts and laughs in a good professional manner, which can be highly recommended!!”

Michael Petersen
Senior Manager
MAN Diesel & Turbo


WeberlogoPerformed with good humor that everyone could understand “Hi Torben, We have received many positive responses and you got highlighted many things compared. Changes and necessity, which was very relevant to us, and which was subsequently reflected on the employees. And it carried over with good humor that everyone could understand”

Marianna Mariegaard Rafn
Executive Assistant
Weber Scandinavia, Germany & UK


VELUX_logo_stor_GIFTorben Wiese really “hit home”
Torben was both entertaining and very engaging in delivering his speech on living in the moment.
He really “hit home” and inspired a lot of good dialogue afterwards.
Not only was Torben very motivating, he also had the whole room laughing. A massive Thank You!

Kind regards,
Anita V. Joyce
PA to Lars Bech Sørensen, CIO and Sofie Irgens, Head of Business IT


Habitmanager - HARMAN LogoWe had the best experience with Torben Wiese in an entertaining, educational coaching session with the Harman Teams from Europe South & Europe North. My highest recommendations to invite Torben for a session”
Harman International


Bestseller_Logo-300x73If we all just had that enthusiasm….”
Thank you very much for your motivational speech on our annual IT conference. The purpose for our conference was employee involvement in the creation of our business plan and it was a great kick-off for all colleagues to learn more about habits – and the importance of breaking them.
The energy level for all 230 colleagues rose significantly and in the following evaluation your presentation was rated 4.48 out of 5 – well done!
Here are a few of the employee comments:
“6 out of 5. Brilliant! Funny but also very relevant theme”
“If we all just had that enthusiasm….”
“Though I’ve already seen a ton of motivational speeches, this one was entertaining to watch while also making good points. A welcome addition to any conference.”
“More like this to kick motivation into a day spent like that. Very good.”

Best regards
Pernille Geneser, CIO, BESTSELLER 


Lexmark logoTorben engaged, got the laughs and really had a unique touch with his audience. And the feedback afterwards was unanimously very positive. We are confident that our partners in the future will remember both the lecture and not least why it is necessary and change attitudes” – Lexmark


Dansk-RevisionWhat Torben does so excellent is that he combines the entertaining with thorough seriousness and highly relevant messages – a thing few masters a well as he does. In few words it has been a pleasure working together with Torben Wiese, and we warmly recommend him”
Dansk Revision A/S


LEO PharmaBreak your habits and shed the role of merely being adaptable. Become a creator of change and reach your goals. In May 2011 we finished off the second day of the LEO Pharma IT Conference in the enjoyable company of Torben Wiese from Habitmanager®. Change is everywhere and the handling of and approach to these changes can have a significant influence on the outcome and impact on the organisation. Torben Wiese introduced the concept of “Bending the fish” and also the importance of breaking one’s habits in an amusing, entertaining, and yet serious way. We received very positive feedback and it was a most enjoyable and relevant session. We thank Torben Wiese for a great effort – change is fun!
LEO Pharma IT


kvk-hydra-klovWe engaged Torben Wiese as a moderator at our 2 day international conference, there were 16 nationalities gathered. Torben managed to create an atmosphere where everybody relaxed and enjoyed the many different lectures. Torbens presentation with Habitmanagement fitted perfectly as all the attending people were encouraged in a very good way to go home and implement or at least try to use what they learned. Torbens role in our conference meant a lot for our success.
Palle Fjord Thomsen – KVK Hydra Klov A/S



Habitmanager PC work-shop box – break habits after the seminar

Bend the fish while it’s fresh – be present and resch higher goals

Break your habits and reach your goals


International Speaker’s Bureau


Skandinaviens vanebryder nr. 1

Torben Wiese
Habitmanager ®
Rungsted Strandvej 11
2950 Vedbæk

Tlf. 70 247 248


Torben Wiese's bestseller books are about beeing present now, and about breaking habits.


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